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Full Arch Restoration

Why would I need an Implant Supported Full Arch Prosthetic?

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances leave us with few or no teeth.  We are given dentures and told here are your new beautiful teeth.  While they are beautiful most of the time a mouth full of acrylic and plastic just seems so foreign to our mouths we have a hard time physically and emotionally.  While dentures provide us with a smile they do not give us the function of natural teeth.  Chewing is often limited to certain foods, usually softer ones.  The dentures can slide hurt the gums or come loose and fall out completely.  Taste is diminished by the plastic, and temperatures can sometimes be masked leading us to burn our mouths.  Speech is altered, and sometimes we have to re-learn how to pronounce certain words.

What is an Implant Supported Fixed Full Arch Prosthetic?

An Implant Supported Fixed Full Arch Prosthetic is a way to replace your dentition or failing dentition in a permanent way!  Implants are placed into the jaw bone.  These serve as anchors for your future teeth.  On the day of surgery Dr. Foring will place implants into the jaw that will be used to support your new teeth.  On the same day of surgery you will be fitted with a set of temporary teeth that will start to utilize your implants right away.  The final prosthetic will be fabricated a few months later.  This is a fixed treatment which means the teeth are only removable by your dentist.  There are many versions of this type of concept.  Some call it All-on-four or a hybrid denture.  These methods utilize titanium and denture material to create your prosthetic.  We utilize a material called Bruxir which is a solid Zirconia material much stronger than acrylic and does not wear as easily.  This gives you much more longevity.

How Much Does It Cost?

We utilize the latest techniques and only the best American made materials.  This therapy is a unique way to give you your life back.  Your smile, your confidence, your ability to chew comfortable and converse normally.  While this therapy is not cheap, it can be very affordable.  We utilize several lenders that can often get you into a very affordable monthly payment.  Check out our Financial Page

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